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Track List:

“Shuggie” – Foxygen

“The Singer” – Ty Segal

“I’d Rather Be With You” – Bootsy Collins

“Concertina” – The Mars Volta

“Retreat! Retreat!” – 65Daysofstatic

“Arrows” – Holy Fawn

“Thousand Years” – Nameless Trio

“Sweet Little One” – Nameless Trio

“That’s How Empires Fall (John Pine Cover)” – Nameless Trio

“Come Back To Earth” – Mac Miller

“Gold” – Chet Faker

“Slip” – Elliot Moss

“My Only Swerving” – El Ten Eleven

“Bent Nail” – Nothing

“What’s Your Poison” – The Psychedelephants

“Intro” – Alt-J

“Flytrap” – The Woodworks

“Marijuana” – Chrome Sparks

“Cider Time” – Lifeformed

“Let Me Back In” – Explosions In The Sky

The Exceptional Radio show is just as it sounds. A place for the Exceptional. Not just unusually above average, but also a place for the anomalies, the weird, the strange, the beautiful only in the eye of the beholder. When KDIF was founded and created, it was done with the idea that it would be a place for the community to share. As an Arizona local native, I could not be more behind this idea.

Playing with local bands and attending more shows in Arizona than I can shake a stick at, let me tell you, I have seen some stuff. Some stuff that I feel needs to be shared. But the wonderful thing about these experiences that I have had over the years is i have found that I am not the only one. I have met so many amazing people through touring bands, people that are willing to travel for good music and transplant artists cruising through for festivals. It was apparent that these people have seen what I have. A love for Art that breaks the confines of definition by it’s medium. Acceptance for all just trying to have a good time.

This has shaped the Exceptional Radio Show more than any other realization rattling around in my head. So, instead of being a genre specific or local band specific show, why not a show that celebrates Art as a way of life? Something that shows you what you might not have seen before? A show that will make you feel. Borden your appreciation for this great human thing we do called Art. At the end of the day, that’s what we are, a platform for the strange and beautiful.